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DNA Simulator

Welcome to Petri Simulator, a lab where you can edit genes and see the effects in total isolation.

We support many game types, from generic bacteria simulation to player based video games.

It is also made easy to visualize inner workings of cool tools like convolutional neural networks or deep learning.

This project is useful to test out small simulations quickly. If you need a more performant, larger scale AI solution check out one of the following projects:

Name Type
Caffe Deep Learning
TensorFlow Machine Intelligence
MXNet Deep Learning

Petri is also a sister project to the Luck Programming Language.

Petri Dish Simulator is an on-going project to collect and organize systems and methods of AI. To sift through and organize which methods are applicable to which problems, we have organized an array of games to test, record, and analyze the effectiveness of each in different contexts. The end goal of the project is to produce combinations, those of which are most general across many problem domains.

The simulations take the form of games that can be played for fun, or to create real models for Artificial Intelligence. Our system provides a framework on which to formulate, visualize, and test models against your input data or generic problem sets.